Windshield Repairs

The safety of any vehicle, especially the heavy-duty ones, depends on the windshield. So, even a minor crack in the windshield can be a threat. Besides, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Agency of the Department of Labor in the USA announces that having a damage-free windshield with functional wipers is a mandate.

Also, FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association says that a vehicle cannot have a damaged windshield as it does not allow the operator to see the road ahead clearly. Moreover, you can be subject to penalty if you are operating a heavy-duty vehicle with a damaged windshield. So, it is important that you know the early signs of windshield damage and get in touch with us when any of those occurs.

How to Identify the Signs of Windshield Damage?

Cracks and fractures are easily visible, but as an operator, you should also be aware of the other signs of damage like discoloration, unusual vibration, annoyingly rattling sound, blurry appearance, etc.

Besides, we often do not pay enough attention when the windshield is offering an uneven or wavy vision, or the glass is not fitting the frame perfectly anymore because of a gap.

Whenever you observe any of these signs, you can contact us. We will do a scientific inspection of the problem, and the expert mechanics at our Sugar Land shop will fix the problem in no time.

Different Types of Windshield Damages:

The complexity and severity of the consequence differ from one type of windshield damage to another. Chip pit or the surface chip damage is like a pot-hole-like chip, affecting the top layer of the glass. The Bull’s-Eye chip is circular and comes with a point in the center. Some other types of chips and cracks include:

It is never wise to ignore even the smallest chip because it can get transformed into big cracks over time. Besides, these chips and cracks can cause a major problem when there is a temperature fluctuation, uneven road conditions, or extreme weather conditions. Further, the minor chips can be fixed with some repairing measures, but the major ones call for the complete replacement of the windshield.

Things We Consider for Windshield Repairing and Replacement:

We make a note of the size, location, and complexity of the windshield damage before we get started with the repairing or replacement work.

To explain further, a chip with up to a 1-inch diameter can be repaired, but anything beyond that calls for a complete replacement. Besides, we recommend repairing if the damage has affected only the top layer of the glass. If we find that the damage has penetrated through the middle or inner layer, we replace the windshield.

Similarly, we do not suggest repairing if the damage on the windshield is directly in line with the driver’s vision. The repairing work may slightly impact the clarity of that particular area, creating some visibility discomfort for the operator.

How We Do the Repairing and Replacement Work

If the chip appeared on the windshield is minor, we start the repairing process by cleaning the windshield. It is important to eliminate the debris.

Then, we use a vacuum pump to squeeze out the excess air from that chip.

Afterward, we use a clear adhesive (resin) and treat it with ultraviolet light. In this way, we can repair a windshield and restore 90-95% of its visibility.

If the damage is major, we replace the windshield. Thanks to the advanced infrastructure at our Sugar Land shop, we can complete the process within just half an hour.


    Why Choose Us

    You will choose us as we follow a scientific vehicle diagnostic process and have the best amenities for any type of repairing and replacement work. Besides, our expert mechanics only use standard and trusted-quality products to offer you the best service. Further, we have insurance tie-ups and are compliant with all safety standards.

    So, choose us to get the most reliable and timely windshield repair/replacement services at the most affordable rate.


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