Liftgate Repairs

Big trucks designed to carry loads often have a liftgate or an automated loading dock. These gates operate on either hydraulic or electrical mechanisms. They enable the lifting of freight from the ground level to the tailgate level of the truck or vice versa. However, liftgates are susceptible to malfunction because of the continuous up and down motion.

Besides, fleet operators often put more load on the liftgates than they should handle. Also, sometimes the loading and unloading staff tend to stand on the liftgate, unaware of the additional weight caused by him. Such activities can even cause the liftgate to break down!

Why are liftgates essential?

The liftgate is essential when the truck must load and unload at a facility where the loading dock is not there. Also, the unavailability of a loading dock is a common problem at a construction site. You would need the liftgate to load and unload construction materials. In addition, if your truck primarily operates for home delivery of heavy goods, having a liftgate is an essential criterion.

Suppose you are delivering furniture items to different locations. Without a liftgate, the job would be very difficult. Besides, the absence of a liftgate may pose safety hazards for workers. It can even damage the deliverables during the loading and unloading process.

Efficient technicians at your service

We handle all liftgate issues at our Sugar Land repair facility. Our technicians carry extensive experience in all types of heavy equipment issues. We run a licensed garage by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Our approach to repair work is friendly and professional. Expect a knowledgeable staff to attend to the repair work and explain the problem to you.

We understand that a faulty liftgate can temporarily put the truck out of service, causing a loss of time and money. Therefore, our focus remains to complete the job quickly and get the vehicle back to the active fleet.


    Usual problems with the liftgate

    We have handled different types of liftgate problems effectively. Here is a summary of the typical issues you may encounter. We cover all major brands, including Palfinger, Maxon, Eagle, and Tommy Gate.

    The reasons for malfunction can be several. Sometimes, electrical components may have a short circuit. The motor solenoids might not operate properly. You can identify solenoid problems with a clicking noise when you switch on the liftgate.

    Hydraulic liftgates are particularly susceptible to issues. The hydraulic struts may bend or corrode. Also, the hydraulic hoses might have a leak, are broken, or have an improper fitting. A wire or switch may be broken. No matter the problem, we can effectively handle the liftgate repairs job. You can also utilize our online diagnostics tool to identify the exact nature of the problem. Our Sugar Land facility also runs a convenient maintenance program to ensure the liftgates remain operational at all times.


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