A powerful forwarder is inevitably heavy equipment for forestry. Big machines can deliver payloads up to 25 tonnes. These operatives require efficient handling and regular maintenance work.

Since they carry such massive payloads, the duress often has a telling impact on the components. The hydraulic arm can get jammed, or the rollers might stop moving.

A jammed forwarder can turn out to be a logistical nightmare. So, it is always important to keep them in optimum conditions through and through.

Efficient repairs service

Ours is a premium heavy equipment repair service in Sugar Land. We employ highly efficient technicians with considerable experience in heavy equipment handling. Our men have decades of collective experience in dealing with all major forwarder brands.

We have worked on top brands such as Tigercat, Kronos, Ponsse, and Rottne. Besides, we also have had experience with Caterpillar, Zanello, Fabtek, and Barko.

Let us know of your forwarder repair requirements, as we employ online diagnostics tools for rapid repairs. Going forward, our team will work on restoring the equipment to its optimum conditions at an affordable expense.

We also have a convenient maintenance program to keep a regular oversight on your equipment. This ensures that you never face a backlog in your project due to malfunctioning machines.


    Effective replacement parts

    We never insist on adding a replacement part until it is absolutely necessary. Our motto is to keep the repairs work affordable. However, we are always straightforward in our assessment of the actual condition of the equipment. Compromising on a replacement part can pose a grave safety hazard for the operator and the workers around the equipment. Especially for forwarders, which carry tonnes of payload, a malfunction can cause loss of life and money. We don’t believe in taking risks to keep the costs to a minimum! Therefore, we will use a proper replacement part whenever necessary.

    Nevertheless, we always use branded and compatible replacement parts. A Tigercat equipment will be fitted with a Tigercat part. The same goes for other brands too. Incompatible replacements can spell disasters in heavy equipment.

    Friendly workshop environment

    We have a friendly environment at our workshop. Our garage is spacious to handle the repair work of multiple machines at once. The overall ambiance is comfortable so that you have no issues waiting for the repair work.

    Our services are completely transparent. The technicians remain open to receiving all kinds of queries during the repair work. We consider this responsiveness an important aspect of our service. Fleet owners should never feel that they are kept in the blind regarding the extent of repairs and being overcharged later for it. After the repairs work, you shall receive a fully transparent breakdown of the costs.

    Our shop has been certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). We are a reputed family-owned business in Sugar Land, with an overall record of five-star ratings. Maintaining this distinct repute is extremely important to us, and we always go all out in delivering the best services every time. Our garage employs the latest state-of-the-art tools and techniques to get the job done well. 


    When you need your heavy equipment repaired in a pinch, we are your best option. Need emergency repairs? We’ll do it. Need the repairs done on-site? We’ll do it. Need repairs at a reasonable price? We will do it.

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