Warehouses and cargo handling ports are typically numbered with a fleet of forklifts moving to and fro. So much so, a warehouse facility can become unoperational if its forklifts do not ply for the day. These machines are built for lifting heavy loads from the bottoms up, armed with a pair of powerful forks. Some of these machines run on electric batteries, while others have combustion engines. The forked platform in the front can be lowered or raised to a certain level.

Reputed heavy equipment repair service

The key component of a forklift is the truck frame. It is the most important aspect of the vehicle since all other vital parts are connected to it. The mast refers to the vertical part in the front, pushing the loads up and down.

Masts have interlocking rails supplying horizontal control while hauling the loads. Masts may or may not have rollers.

We have diverse experience in forklift repair work. Our expertise covers all forklift brands, including Komatsu, Yale, and Crown. In addition, we are also familiar with the mechanism of Clark, Toyota, and Caterpillar. Ours is a reputed family-operated service in Sugar Land specializing in heavy equipment repair.

Our facility is equipped with an ASE certificate (Automotive Service Excellence) and manned by licensed technicians.


    Affordable and comfortable

    We maintain an all-around five-star rating from fleet owners and are very particular about upholding our standards. Our workshop is spacious enough to handle the repair of several heavy machines at once. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming so that you can wait comfortably while your machine is being repaired. Also, our mechanics are ready to clarify all your queries so that you can be sure of what you are paying for.

    We will furnish a fully transparent breakdown of the costs, including the best value for replacement parts. We source only genuine and compatible replacement parts from reliable vendors.

    A Komatsu forklift works best with Komatsu replacement parts, and so on. Our shop also runs a convenient maintenance program to ensure your heavy vehicles remain in top shape around the year.Forklifts are prone to malfunctioning, especially in the mast area. This is because of the numerous up and down motions and heavy lifting it undertakes.

    Besides overworking, machines may also suffer due to bad working conditions. A faulty forklift can halt the operations at the warehouse, causing a loss of time and money. Our maintenance program ensures that your facility remains operational day and night.    

    Engine and battery repairs

    Engine problems are common with forklifts. We are experts at rectifying the internal combustion engines, whether it runs on CNG, LPG,

    diesel, or natural gas. Some facilities also deploy electric forklifts running on lead-acid batteries. Be it a battery replacement or an oil change, you have the assurance of the best repair team in Sugar Land.

    Repair of heavy machinery at the first signs of a problem is very important. This is because workspaces involve close contact between workers and machines.A piece of malfunctioning heavy equipment poses real dangers to life and property. Call us now to avail our online diagnostics services.           


    When you need your heavy equipment repaired in a pinch, we are your best option. Need emergency repairs? We’ll do it. Need the repairs done on-site? We’ll do it. Need repairs at a reasonable price? We will do it.

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