Articulated Truck

Construction work typically entails hauling heavy vehicle loads across different types of terrains. All hauling jobs require vehicles that can swiftly turn around sharp corners without falling over. For instance, moving up and down loaded trucks across hairpin bends is impossible without a fleet of articulated trucks.

These trucks incorporate a pivot mechanism to attain greater maneuverability in difficult regions. Even on a tight turning radius, the trucks never fail to deliver what they are intended. General contractors increasingly prefer articulated trucks for the several benefits they carry. Especially when you undertake an excavation project, such as clearing the ground for facility construction, the provisions for articulated vehicles should be present.

When the solution becomes a problem

Given its deft operations, fleet owners are often tempted to put their trucks to excess heavy use. These are unlike off-highway trucks that have big huge castings in their frames. They can cover long distances and typically have 40,000-hour design lives. However, if you are to put your artic in a similar test, it may start to malfunction. This is because articulated equipment can have a rolling resistance demand of up and over 40 percent. This level of high total rolling resistance leads to an increased load on the driveline, eventually affecting the component life.

Besides, fleet operators are often guilty of not obliging to the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) by the USDOT (United States Department of Transport). Articulated trucks come under class four to eight ratings. These classes are specified for medium and heavy duty trucks. Nevertheless, the effect of non-compliance becomes too obvious when the trucks stall up in the middle of the road.

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