We are a reputed automobile repair service based in Sugar Land. We specialize in repairing heavy vehicles and putting them back on the road. Be it dump trucks, heavy trucks, or semi-trucks, we can handle the job. Heavy equipment does not intimidate us! Instead, we believe in commanding these massive machines smoothly.

Licensed and experienced technicians

Our men know these behemoths inside out and command the experience of undertaking repair work on all heavy equipment makes. We put on the elbow grease to take apart the faulty components, repair them, and put them back. In all we do, there is never a U-turn on the quality of the repair work. You will always receive your vehicle back in excellent working condition.

All technicians working with us have certificates of excellence from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Also, our Sugar Land facility has the requisite ASE license to operate. In addition, the mechanics bring in decades of collective experience to the job. As a result, we understand vehicle problems at the root and rectify them comprehensively.

Focused on overall performance

When we diagnose a transmission problem, we will also look at the engine, the wheels, and the drivetrain. All components connect to each other, and an issue in one zone will likely to affect other areas under the hood. Most other repair shops focus on a particular problem zone, ignoring the other interconnected areas.

Such an approach may cost you slightly less initially. But, the costs pile up for recurring visits to the workshop. Instead, our stance is to ensure that your vehicle remains in an overall excellent condition so that you don’t need repair work often.

Following Technical Service Bulletin

We have access to the TSBs from all leading manufacturers. This ensures that the basic repairs are covered as per specific instructions. Also, periodically referring to the TSBs enable us to be aware of the quirks of different automobile brands. So, we can handle the job whether the vehicle consists of CVTs (Continuous Variable Transmissions) or Direct Shift Gearboxes.

Only trucks from certain leading brands have CVTs. We have been following the development ever since it came on the market. However, DSGs are not usually found on heavy vehicles. Trucks generally have manual, automatic, and automated manual transmissions. We are familiar with all types and can work on them efficiently.

Timely repair is essential

We always recommend timely repair work to avoid a major job afterward. If you notice, vehicle breakdowns don’t actually happen all of a sudden. The early warning signs are always there. Besides, if you are over-exerting the equipment, it is bound to malfunction. You might be overloading or not looking after the regular maintenance tasks.

We also have a convenient maintenance program for fleet owners. Our trained mechanics will periodically check the vehicles for initial signs of trouble and mend them before the occasion arrives for a major job. This approach is both convenient and affordable because you may be able to avoid a full replacement of the faulty component for a long time. Nevertheless, you should always keep a close tab on vehicle health and look for initial indications such as oil leaks, weird noises, and colored exhaust fumes.